Monthly Archives: January 2014

Work in progress

Since my last update, I’ve made up a new base, and made a start on the new roller..

The base was made by gluing up and shaping a stack of MDF. I’d had an issue with the previous version, in that the front bolts for the pillow block bearings overlapped with the position of the bolt for attaching the base to the rest of the trainer (if keeping the original geometry between trainer arms and roller position). To avoid this, I’ve tilted the whole assembly forward by 30 degrees.


I’ve also started machining the roller from 50mm EN1A leaded steel. So far, the ends have been turned down to 25.4mm for the bearings. Next job is to get on with machining the tapers and threads for attaching the flywheel and brake assemblies.



New year – new toy

It had become clear that replacing the entire roller/resistance unit would require more machining accuracy than I was capable of with the wood lathe and pillar drill. So I’ve recently treated myself to a small engineering lathe (please excuse the shoddy mobile phone picture).


Now, it hasn’t entirely escaped me that I’ve just spent more on a lathe than I would have done on an ergotrainer! So I guess now this project is more about scratching an itch than it is about budget..

Am just in the process of gluing up a new MDF mounting for the pillow block bearings, then will set about machining a new roller.