Monthly Archives: November 2013

New testing platform – update

With the pillow block bearing seals removed, and the bearings cleaned up and lightly greased, drag has come down to a reasonable level. Vibration is still a bit of an issue, as the ‘flywheel’ (or old dumbbell weight if you prefer) is pretty crude and unbalanced, but I think this platform will be good enough for now…

The next step was to fashion the disk for the eddy current brake;


A 100mm x 100mm plate of 3mm thick aluminium was cut and filed to shape. The plate and shaft collar were lightly abraded, cleaned with isopropyl alcohol, and joined together using a two part epoxy. The joint seems pretty solid, but only time will tell I guess!


Next task is to make and fit the new electromagnet arrangement, and hope that the results are less underwhelming than the previous attempt… ;)