First ride

I’d wanted to get onto calibration this week, but have been bogged down with a couple of issues.. So instead, will concentrate on the things that have made some progress.

Embedded development

The test harness code has been migrated into a new project, which is handling the real-time training data and buttons for GC, and setting the trainer resistance accordingly (just in slope mode for now).

It’s not properly calibrated yet, but can at least follow a course file, which I do find quite exciting – I still get a buzz out of the resistance changing automatically!

I’ve pushed the initial embedded source code (released under an MIT license) to github


remoteIt soon became clear that sweating over my laptop or dev board, trying to press buttons while training was going to end badly, so I needed a way to more easily enter lap markers and manually change gradient while on the bike.

A rummage through the drawer of “things that may come in useful one day” turned up a spare remote from an old fan heater, which was quickly hacked up to provide a wired remote for some up/down, lap, and stop buttons.


proto3The original servo didn’t have the power to get a full range of motion of the resistance cable. This week a replacement arrived from China, and I’d have to say I’m impressed. For less than £10 delivered, this metal geared analog servo seems solid, quiet, and has plenty of power (rated at 12.2kg*cm).

This seemed like a good opportunity to improve on my original coupling between the resistance cable and the servo arm, so I’ve made up a better linkage using a scrap of nylon sheet and coat hanger wire, and also repositioned the cable adjuster for a straighter run to the servo arm.

Next post I really will try to get onto the calibration! ;)