The beginnings

Like many cyclists in the northern hemisphere, I find myself stuck indoors on a turbo trainer at this time of year.

Trying to follow a more structured training program (and partly to relieve the boredom!), I’m doing more interval training, and using the occasional Sufferfest motivational video. With my existing turbo trainer, it’s just a question of using the gears to increase/decrease the resistance as required.

While spinning away one day, I got to lusting after an expensive computer controlled ergotrainer (where the resistance is changed automatically according to a workout file), but no way I could really justify the price to myself.

So an idea was formed. Could I adapt a basic magnetic turbo trainer (with manual adjustment lever), into a computer controlled ergotrainer? And for bonus points, hook it up to the real-time training view of the excellent open source Golden Cheetah analysis software?

I’ve set myself a hardware budget of £50 (on top of the trainer), and am aiming for weekly progress updates to this blog (to maintain momentum for the project). All hardware designs and firmware will be released under an open source license. Follow along if you’re interested to see where this goes next..